Hoofspecialist Klaas Feuth

Welcome to the website of Hoof Specialist Klaas Feuth. From a village in the Netherlands Hoof Specialist Klaas Feuth has been working for more than ten years for healthy hooves. Besides trimming your horse, pony or donkey, you can ask Klaas Feuth also get expert advice and treatment for all kinds of hoof problems. A comprehensive toolbox, ranging from the ancient hoofrasp to modern plastic hoofprotection techniques and hoofboots, ensures that you can contact Klaas with each hoof related question . The many years of practice and training experience Hoof Specialist Klaas Feuth has gained is reflected in its reliable and effective knowledge and skills.

hoofschool Training program

In 2012 Hoofschool Klaas Feuth started train a group of enthusiastic students. They will take the exam mid-2014. The hoof specialist training. The program wil help to get the quality of hoof carers in the Netherlands substantially inflated. The thorough training is in fact not a ‘one – man show: Feuth let specialists from home and abroad happen to share their knowledge with students. Often even days for non – students inserted, which can be attended in the form of a course. Hoofschool Klaas Feuth also organizes short self trimming lessons for those interested.